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Wed May 7

Jesus Walks to Yeezus Pt 2


After 808s we seeing Kanye emerge back in to rapping with “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy” the album describes the music very as we see Kanye back giving spiritual references again but darker ones. West references to him self as a Monster, Dealing with the Devil in a New Dress, and feeling p***y and religion is all he needs.  These seem to from his new religion as mentioned in “No Church in the Wild” from the Watch the Throne album. Kanye Rhymes “We formed a new religion/ No sins as long as there’s permission”. He Continues to explain his new doctrine “Two tattoos, one read “No Apologies”/ The other said “Love Is Cursed By Monogamy”/ That’s something that the pastor don’t preach/ It’s something that a teacher can’t teach/” Kanye’s spirituality now goes from the traditional leanings of Church to freedom to do as you please and there is only sin if you did not seek permission.

As we look at the current Kanye he’s one who seeks to rule his own destiny is that really a bad thing? On Yeezus he has a song “I am a God” he raps  “I just talked to Jesus/He said, “What up, Yeezus?”/ I said, “S**t, I’m chillin/ Trying stack these millions”/ I know He the Most High/ But I am the close high.” Kanye believes his greatness makes a close to the Most High, while he may not be God Almighty he is a god in his own right and is free to casually converse with Jesus.

Over his 10 year career we’ve seen Kanye walk with Jesus in “College Dropout” strive to walk in Jesus’ footstep in “Late Registration” then Declare his music the “new gospel” in Graduation. After his lamenting in “808s & Heartbreaks” we see him enter into “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy” and creating the doctrine that goes this new gospel and form this new religion we hear of in “Watch the Thorne” and now with that we could say we meet this religion’s deity “Yeezus” I feel Kanye believes he’s attempting walk with Jesus and follow his foot steps but does Yeezus fit the foot steps Jesus has left? I feel with Kanye we see what we all try to do on a small scale make God in our own image whether he actually sees himself as a god or not he does recognize he has some power and with that power he strives to form his own destiny and his own rules.

Question: Who is God in our life Yahweh or Someone/something else?

Wed Apr 30

3 Things Artists Can Learn from Nas’s ‘Illmatic’


The Latest article I’ve wrote for Forth District. I wrote this reflecting back on the music impact of Illmatic on Hip Hop. This Nas album was very influential in my writing style as artist. I feel even after 20 years there are 3 things artist can learn for Mr. Jones Debut album. Read the rest at

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Thu Apr 3

Jesus Walks to Yeezus Part 1


Wrote this a Couple a months ago it was article for another site but due to delays it never came out and I thought this article for the site is no longer but this is where me having a personal blog comes in handle. It’s a two-part article because the original article was 800 words and I decided to be nice to those have to read long articles (People need to read more). Plus I have some new thoughts, which will be in part two.

           Jesus Walks One of Kanye West’s big singles off his debut album “College Dropout”. Jesus Walks was a song many were unsure of at the time because of it’s spiritual content but in spite of that he made the song was made a single and he did three videos for this track. In the song he talks about a drug dealer that hopes Jesus is with him because the devil is trying to break him down as the Chorus says and the second verse Kanye rap "So here go my single, dog, radio needs this/They say you can rap about anything except for Jesus/That means guns, sex, lies, video tapes/But if I talk about God my record won’t get played, huh? “ this show Ye knew the attitude radio toward spiritual music but this song broke many barriers charting at number 11 on the Billboard and being a favorite amongst critics.

            With this song we see artist speaking of how there is need for Jesus despite not being the most perfect person and through his career Kanye would continue to reference his faith. In Late Registration on the song “Heard ‘em Say” ‘Ye raps “And Gram’ keep praying and keep believing in/ Jesus, and one day that you see him/ ‘Til they walk in his footsteps and try to be him/ The devil is alive I feel him breathing/” We see a man still seeking Jesus and he’s trying to walking in his footstep in the midst of feeling the devil still being around him. But around Mr. West’s 3rd album Graduation we see a slight change in attitude.           

            In “Graduation”his 3rd album we see a decline in spiritual references but the few songs like Stronger show a different ‘Ye “Act like you can’t tell who made this/ New gospel homey take six, and take this haters”. Kanye refers to his music as being the new gospel referring to his music as good news for Hip Hop. Where as before he was just a man walking with Jesus, he’s now a man preaching a new truth to Hip Hop Culture with confidence. With his 4th “808s & Heartbreaks” There’s not spiritual jargon but it does reveal there’s pain in Kanye’s life with the break up and his mom’s death I would describe it as him lamenting and unveiling his humanity to world as David did in the Psalms.

Next Week in Part 2 we See how Kanye Changes after 808s but I leave with this question: Do you see Jesus as someone to follow? Do we recognize our own Humanity i.e. our short comings and our vulnerableness? How can Jesus help us deal with this?

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Fri Feb 7
J Dilla you won’t be forgetten your music lives on. I might spit something to a Dilla track this month #jdillamonth #RIP

J Dilla you won’t be forgetten your music lives on. I might spit something to a Dilla track this month #jdillamonth #RIP

Thu Jan 16

The Delusion of Christian Hip Hop


Yes, there are corny artists in CHH, but if you listen to the radio you’ll find it’s not any better. It seems Andy Mineo and others may be romanticizing our non-Christian counterparts.  If want to read what else I have to say check it out at the link below.

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Fri Jan 3

Top 5 CHH Albums of 2013

I actually Decided to do this Because one of my 2014 goals is to write more and have it be meaningful. But this List of albums are the ones that have stayed in rotations and I feel have strong content. You may have not heard of most of these artist but check them out. 

5.  John Givez - Four Season


This spot was very tough to decide because my Honorable mention could very well replace this album for various reason. But John Givez is a newer artist and I felt he needed this spotlight even if only 20 people read my blog (S/o to yall). 

Givez’s album is short but that makes it stronger in my opinion, He does good job of showing off his rapping and vocals skill and he don’t remind you of that Light Skinned Cry baby, Drake. Four Season isn’t strong conceptually but I like all the songs except “Rebelutionary” which reminds of “Backseat Freestyle”. But there are good stories such as “Westside Blues” and “Letter to the 3rd”, Overall Four Season is a Solid introduction for John Givez I’m excited to hear more from Him.

4. The Procussion - The Procussion


Mr. J Medeiros can say to me whatever wants for me putting him and Stro on this list but I wanted to highlight this album. I feel Mr. J’s poetic depth is amazing as seen in “Insomnia” Stro’s rapping and production is solid as seen in “Modern Warfare”. Stro isn’t playing 2nd to Mr. J but they are truly partners in rhymes (“Foreword” and “The Drum”). If you’re looking for religious rhetoric you wont find it hear but if want honest music that reflects on Hip hop and real life (“DNA” and “Today”) check out the Procussions.

3. Sho Baraka - Talented Xth


Sho probably knew wasn’t going to be No. 1 but here are my reason: While “Mrs.” Has grown on me I know many arent a fan of that track and I don’t like the hook on “ME” and the are few tracks he remembers me of Drake, which half the time is not a win in my book. Well I got out what I don’t like out the way I love the Blackness of the with song Like “Bethesda” and the controversial “Jim Crow” and the variety of content relationships, classism, egoism, maturity, racism and Jesus. Sho is a Social Commentator who points out the ills of his community and others outside of it then offers Christ as the solution.

2. Dre Murray - Gold Rush: Maybe One Day


Dre Murray is great story teller as you see all through out the album standout cuts such “Gold Rush” and “Gray Tape” give insight to Dre’s testimony and cuts like “Message in a Bottle” and Alchemy deal with Alcoholism and Suicide. He even deals with some of his current reality on the posse cut “Welcome to My Life” The reason it didn’t make the No. 1 spot is because I’m not a fan of Red Light the hook was lazy in my opinion, I got the song but I just didn’t feel. The album show the vanity of life pursuing false treasure and ends with pursuit of what will truly last.  

1. J. Givens - El v. Envy


DONT CONFUSE HIM WITH JOHN GIVEZ, I can understand why you would the names are similar but they are different artist. What stood out for me is this album is the Lyricism. J. Givens Has Bars the first track makes that clear “(A)bridge(d) thoughts” even the Title “El v. Envy” is a Double Entendre for Las Vegas, Nevada (LV,NV get it?) then His Extended metaphor at the end of “Polar Express” is very impressive. But is not just bars but it’s him telling about life in Vegas “Sin City Bre(a)d” and “Might (not) Be”. After hearing this album I’m a J.givens fan and you love dope lyricism then get El v. Envy.

Honorable Mentions:

Wes Pendelton & Tragic Hero - The Resistance


It’s hard for me to put EPs on the List but This one came real close I think it worth checking out. Tragic Hero is someone I see being on the rise hope he continues to grind in 2014.

I’m Done Hate or Love it but always 2013 Was a good year.

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Thu Nov 14
Tue Aug 20

Why Does this Feel like a Junior High Dance?


Things to Address Before I start this Blog.

1. Yes Chose dancing cats, I like cats and it made ME laugh (you laughed I’m happy and if thing it’s weird oh well it’s my blog #shanekiddshrug)

2. I have not been writing for a while because I’ve been writing for other people

3. I miss doing my own blog because I cant insert my randomness i.e. anything I put in parenthesis 

So Why the title because after hanging with my single friends that long to be with someone, reading my friend’s blogs on relationships, and feeling like there are some things that never get addressed I realized that this whole pursuit thing feels a Junior High dance. Think about girls and guys waiting for each other to make a move and the dance is not that smooth but slightly awkward. Maybe you agree, maybe you don’t but this blog is more of discussion piece than taking stance.

Disclaimer: These are my opinions you don’t have to read them but if made it this far read them and if you disagree then here’s my Twitter and Facebook get at me. :-D

So big reason things feel awkward is because Christian guys (will use the name Cliff to represent them) like a certain Christian girl (will use Claire). The issues Cliff is nervous to tell Claire, so Claire feel that Cliff is a coward and that’s how the story goes (The END, yeah right). There is more to this story sometimes than that basic idea.

First guys, don’t scared of rejection yes it sucks but it happens. Rejection come with the fact we are the ones to take initiative, we may not get what we want. Also there’s nothing wrong with taking your time especially since this a decision you CANNOT take lightly, your goal should be to marry this person (and if you ain’t seat yourself down). Also make your intentions clear if you just want to get to know Claire better because you’re attracted to her let that be known or if you want a Court/Date (whatever word you folks wanna use I don’t care a more) let that be known. Also having lunch or coffee one time doesn’t mean you or her have to commit to something y’all may not be compatible (aka y’all can’t deal with y’all difference in a relationship setting).

Now lets talk about Claire. let’s be clear Cliff being coward is not only reason he’s not approaching you. Honestly Cliff may not like you in that way and he’s just a nice guy or realize you’re cool friend but y’all would not be relationally compatible. Passivity also is among Claire because I’ve know few of them that have left their Cliffs confused. Saying I’m not sure, I don’t know, and I’m not ready but you’ll be upset about being still or end up with another guy and never tell Cliff (these are real stories I don’t make this up). Claire just like I told Cliff to be clear I’m tell you BE CLEAR, if you not interested and don’t want him to pursue let it be known or if you ACTUALLY to seeing if there’s more let that be known. 

In Closing I feel the passivity of both men and women have made things harder they need to be. We both need to know want we want, be patience and be clear. Hope you got something out this. So please enjoy your singleness, Love Jesus, and treat each other right.

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Tue Jul 9

S/O to one of my favorite artist @Dremurray22 #Pharaoh #GRMOD